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This is the most popular golf tournament format because it allows golfers with varying handicaps to compete together. Each player in the foursomes will tee off, the best shot is selected and all players will move their ball to this location and play their second shot from that position. This format is followed until the ball is holed. The team score is marked on the scorecard for each hole. Handicaps may or may not be used with this style of format.


Each player plays their own ball for the hole and the best score of the foursome is recorded. This can be modified to a two best ball where two scores are recorded and can be used with or without handicaps. This also is a popular format to be used amongst group outings.


This format is often used for competitive golf tournaments. Each player plays their own ball for each hole and records their individual scores. Handicaps may or may not be used in this format. This format is usually used with smaller groups that wish to play a more competitive style of golf. Using this golf tournament format for large outings can sometimes make for a longer round of golf and be frustrating to your inexperienced golfers.


This is a good format to use that allows golfers who want to play their own ball, yet will help with your pace of play. It is similar to a regular scramble, but with this format each player will hit a tee shot, then select the best one and play the hole out from that position individually. The best of the four scores is kept or you can modify that to two best scores. This will allow your groups to play as a team, but allow them to play their own ball as well.

These are some of the suggested golf tournament formats that are often used by group outings. Please feel free to come up with your own formats or ask us for further suggestions. Good Luck!

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